Bio urn with White Birch

био урна с бяла бреза

There is a reason the birch is one of the most popular trees. Its graceful growth is accentuated by a spectacular white bark. The white color characteristic of the bark is due to the content of the substance betulin in its composition. This is the only white dye that exists in nature, which in turn makes the birch unique. The white birch / Betula pendula /, which is actually the only species found in our country, is a deciduous tree with a well-developed root system.
In general, the birches are very hardy and grow in a variety of soils, but it is good to know that they are also shallow-rooted. That is why you should not plant them shallowly, and in case of prolonged drought watering them abundantly is a must, because they love moisture. Yet the soils on which birch grows best are gray forest and brown forest ones.
The white birch could reach approximately 30 metres in height and its optimal age is around 150 years.
The birch is very beautiful and delicate park tree which is often used for landscaping of yeards, parks and gardens and public buildings, as well as for various arrangements in the modern landscape and garden design.
It loves sunlight and moisture, as well as the cold. As long as there is moisture, it could also grow in barren soils for as mentioned previously it is imperative for its proper growth.
Therefore, if you ensure your birch has enough sunlight and moisture, it will gift you with many years of beauty.
The young saplings we offer range from 10cm to 30cm in height.