Bio urn with Paulownia

In addition to the form of seeds, we also offer the opportunity to purchase a bio-urn with a young sapling ready for planting.

Paulownia or the Emperor’s tree.

This is one of the fastest growing trees. With good care, it can grow up to 4 metres just in its first year after planting. As a mature tree it reaches 15-20 meters. The diameter of the trunk can reach 1.2 m. It can be successfully grown in plains, semi-mountainous or mountainous areas. Practically nothing from the Paulownia tree is discarded. Both the tree trunk and the leaves and flowers are used.

Due to its graceful look, the tree is suitable for decoration of parks, yards and gardens.

The beautiful flowers also produce honey. The Paulownia honey is many times superior to the acacia honey. It is especially useful for problems with the lungs, the digestive system and the upper respiratory tract. The flower, pollen and leaves contain a high content of protein, which is the basis for strengthening and prolonging the performance of the muscles, from there the life expectancy of the bees doubles, especially in the intensified round-the-clock summer campaign! The hives are getting stronger, the bees are getting bigger. During flowering, a large amount of pollen accumulates. The honey is light and very fragrant.

The leaves of this tree species are also very valuable, their size reaches up to 75 cm in diameter and are the best ‘factories for oxygen. They absorb very large amounts of carbon dioxide and release large amounts of oxygen, thus purifying hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of air. Paulownia absorbs 10 times more carbon dioxide than any other tree species. Turns into green fields desolate lands and areas. For recultivation of landfills and land destroyed by economic activity. For strengthening river banks, combating erosion, etc.