Bio urn with Horse Chestnut

The chestnut will surely outlive you.

The chestnut reaches 30 to 40m in height with a beautiful tent-shaped crown.

Develops much later than the rest of the trees during springtime. That is why often it is consider that it had died from the cold. That in our climate is almost impossible because it can live with up to -40 degrees. It blooms in June and July, the large inflorescences-candles are collected in clusters at the end of its branches. They have a strong aroma and give a lot of nectar to the bees.

In Bulgaria the chestnut could be found all over the country as a wild or decorative plant. When considering the area of distribution of horse chestnut, the climate should not be too hot.

For the fruitful development of the wild chestnut it is important to choose a place where it will be planted. Chestnuts need a large area because of their large crown.

They love light, but the place should be well protected from strong winds. The tree grows well on black or clay soil with added quicklime. If the soil is clayey, sand is added at the time of planting. And, if the soil is sandy, it is advisable to add a little clay, which will prevent excessive drying.

Taking care of the little chestnuts includes watering them often, combined with shallow digging of the soil which protects the tree from weeds and allows the roots to receive oxygen.