The joy of life and the shared moments could remain

About us

Inspired by the thought of eternity, The Molian team decided to offer a new way to honour the burrial traditions and to address three important questions:
If you had the chance, would you leave a trace of you forever?
Would you like to be transformed into a tree that could grow and remain for the generations to come?
Would you like to be remembered forever in a unique and beautiful way?
Those are the important questions that helped us to create and offer an ecological and bio degradable urns that could set you an end and a new beginning in a truly remarkable way
Thanks to our innovative approach, the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria awarded our biodegradable urns with an invention patent
There is but one sure thing in this world and is that sooner or later we will leave it. Nobody knows when or how it would happen, nor is prepared for it. But the choce of what mark we will leave behind is ours only.

Tree selection


In addition to the form of seeds, we also offer the opportunity to purchase a bio-urn with a young sapling ready for planting.

White Birch

There is a reason the birch is one of the most popular trees. Its graceful growth is accentuated by a spectacular white bark.

Red oak

The red oak is a deciduous tree that in nature reaches 30-40 m in height, but planted in a garden is usually shorter.

Horse Chestnut

The chestnut will surely outlive you. The chestnut reaches 30 to 40m in height with a beautiful tent-shaped crown.

Catalpa Ovata

In addition to the form of seeds, we also offer the opportunity to purchase a bio-urn with a young sapling ready for planting.

Summer Oak

The Summer Oak is a big desiduous tree, belonging to the Beech family.

Amulets for remembrance

цвете - гръб
цвете - лице
капка-сребро какпка-злато капки-всички лапичка цвете - гръб цвете - лице


Life is an interesting adventure. Regardless of whether it is short or long, peaceful or wild, full with challenges or not, at one point it just ends. And when that happens, we offer a completely new model with which to honour the end of our earthly journey.
What is biodegradable urn and why choose it?
Made entirely out of ecologically clean materials, our urns degrade completely after a few months up to a year. The process is directly connected to the quantity of water in the soil the urn will be planted in. The more moist it is, the quicker the urn will degrade. During the autumn and winter months the eco urn with your chosen tree could also be planted in a flowerpot until it comes a time it could be planted outside.
By choosing to purchase a degradable urn we make the best for the person or pet that we have lost.
For us this choice brings with itself the peace and beauty of nature. The place where the urn is planted will be sacred for us. The seclusion we will get from from our own property, the mountain, etc. which were once favourite to the loved one we lost, is uncomparable to the usual environment in the common cemeteries.
For the person or pet we have lost, the biodegradable urns promise to leave a beautiful and magnificent trace that lasts in time.
This are the only urns, focused entirely on protecting the environment. With each planted tree we make our environment cleaner and more beautiful.
The biodegradable urns offer a real solution to the issue with not enough spaces in the cemeteries. This is the best solution for our loved ones, as well as for our pets.
With each chosen biodegradable urn, you get a free consultation with a psychologist to help you deal with the lost of your loved one or pet in the best and healtiest possible way.
Our partners are the two crematoriums for animals in Sofia. The teams in Pet In Peace and the Pet’s crematorium have years long experience in the burial activities, have a modern cremation facility and provide a wide range of services. The cremation of your pet offered by them is in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation, takes place in full transparency and gives you the opportunity to say goodbye in the most humane way to your beloved four-legged friend.

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