Bio urn with Catalpa Ovata

In addition to the form of seeds, we also offer the opportunity to purchase a bio-urn with a young sapling ready for planting.

Beautiful tree with a pyramid-shaped crown and big heart-shaped leaves. During the spring blooms with beautiful white flowers. It grows fast which makes it perfect if you want to have more shades in the garden or yard.

The Catalpa is a very beautiful tree that reaches from 5 to 30m in height, has a wonderful crown that attracts the gazes of the passerby from the early spring to late autumn. Its leaves are big, light green and heart-shaped. That shape makes the Catalpa stand out from the rest throughout the whole season. The pant blooms almost 3-4 weeks after the middle of June. During the flowering period, the catalpa is covered with large white or cream flowers with apple aroma, which after flowering transform into pods up to 40 cm long, with which the tree is decorated almost all winter, and give it a very unusual appearance. It is resistant to frost and contaminated city air. It prefers the sunny parts of the garden and the moist, well-drained soils.

For most optimal growth, plant the Catalpa 4-5metres away from a house, fence or another tree. The strong winds harm its big, gentle leaves so if possible is advisable to plant the Catalpa in the most reclusive parts of the garden.

Unlike the majority of other trees, the Catalpa’s leaves almost never turn yellow during the autumn season and fall only after the temperatures drop below 0 degrees.

It is important to note that the Catalpa blooms only after its 5th year after planting and after it has reached 3m in height.