биоразгарима урна, еко урна

Life is an interesting experience. Whether long or short, calm or stormy, full of challenges or not, at one point life just ends. And when that time comes we offer a radically new model how to honor the end of our earthly journey.

What is biodegradable urn © and why to choose?

     Made entirely of environmentally friendly materials our urns decompose completely from several months up to a year. The decomposition process is directly related to the amount of water in the soil, where the urn will be placed. The moistier the soil the faster the decomposition of the urn. During autumn and winter our eco urn with the selected tree seed can be easily planted in a pot until the appropriate time for planting outdoors comes.

By choosing biodegradable cremation urn we are taking care of our beloved ones in most beautiful and eco-friendly way.


The place where the biodegradable cremation urm is planted caries the beauty and peace of nature.

Our biodegradable urns © promise beautiful and majestic trace in time for the deceased people and pets alike.

These are the only urns that are entirely oriented towards environmental protection. With each tree planted we make our city cleaner and more beautiful.

Biodegradable urns offer an effective solution to the lack of places and space in cemeteries. This is the best solution for your lost loved ones and for your pets.

By choosing any biodegradable urn ©, if needed, you can receive free of charge psychological counseling, to help you overcome the loss of a loved one or pet.

In Sofia, the first crematorium for animals was opened. The Pet in Peace team Pet in Peace  has years of experience in mourning, with a state-of-the-art cremation facility and a wide range of services. Their pet cremation complies with Bulgarian legislation, happens in full transparency and gives you the opportunity to say goodbye to the beloved four-legged friend.

кремиране на животни
биоразградима урна


By purchasing BIO Urn we provide an opportunity for anyone wishing to have a free psychological consultation. Our partners are psychologists from ATELIE AFECT.

Tzar Simeon 13 str.,3 fl.

"Consultation Center"

ALLIANCE 2001 Funeral Agency

A correct and reliable partner at the most difficult time in our lives.

Sofia, G.S.Rakovski 201 str.

phone: +359 2 981 78 08

Mobile: +359 888 671 072



Pet in Peace - pet cramation

We believe that all living creatures deserve to be
we treat them with respect when their earthly way
is over.

Sofia, Lokomotiv 1 str.

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