How to help ourselves

When we lose a loved one we are facing the difficult, but important, need to mourn. It is spontaneous, individual expression of feelings and thoughts related to the lost person. This is a difficult process, sometimes frightening , painful and often lonely.
It is normal to feel shocked, confused , helpless and feel that our emotions are dulled. What many do is to seek support from family, friends, relatives. Of course, not all people are willing to do so. Sometimes frustration worry people and they prefer to fend for themselves or to talk with someone who will not be directly affected by the loss of the person. Sometimes people choose to continue to go to work, college or school, for others it is difficult and challenging. It is Important to know that for every person this process is individual and unique. When the feelings we experience are overwhelming, it is better to look for professional help with a specialist with whom we can openly talk about loss. In moments like these, we might fear that we show weakness or to feel ashamed of ourselves. At such moments talking with psychologists is of immense help. It is important to know that there is nothing shameful or wrong in how we feel and that asking for professional help is our personal choice that helps us cope with difficult thoughts and feelings. Good psychologist might understand how we feel and help us cope with difficult emotions and thoughts. The cabinet of understanding and caring psychologist can turn into a safe place in which to talk openly about our feelings without being afraid that we will be criticized or reproached.