We celebrate Ignatius

Today is Ignatius. It is celebrated on December 20 and is a traditional Bulgarian folk festival. It is believed that from this day the New Year and the Christmas holidays begin. Dedicated to St.Ignatius of Antioch, a disciple of John the Theologian. It is believed that he is the child Jesus Christ points out when he explains who is the greatest among them. He is called God-bearer for he himself says that he carries God in his heart.
According to Astrologer Nikolay Radev, Bulgaria is entering a new Saturn cycle. "It is the most important time since 1988 and for the next three decades. In the sky there will be an event that will echo with unheard-of changes on the earth, especially the Bulgarian one. The planet Saturn will return to its own sign Capricorn, which basically manages Bulgaria, but this time in a very different way. As a result, the order and legality of our country will continually improve and at some point will reach the highest level. At the same time, those who interrupt order and lawfulness will at last be embarrassed and will receive what they are entitled to. Then more and more Bulgarians will begin to do things that their ancestors and their ancestors did, but in a new way. Self-confidence, energy and character will return. Not a few Bulgarians will return to traditional patterns of life, in union with nature and natural norms. And they will serve as an example to everyone and not only in Bulgaria. Copying and serving foreign models and interests - both from the East and the West - will gradually come to an end.
Foreign migrants and many Bulgarian emigrants will return. Even if they have made success and made money. Large investments will also be made by external investors, who, in addition to a sharp increase in the money circulation, will carry some risks in our country. Bulgaria will maintain friendly relations with a large number of countries close and far. Our country will also enter closer and closer relations with neighboring Balkan countries, as well as others, a little farther away, and will gain support and strength.

And the theological coincidence of Ignazhden with Saturn's infusion in Capricorn can only happen once every 10 420 years. Average statistically. So that what is forthcoming is extremely rare and can be considered God's sign. And for God's favor and support for Bulgaria and the Bulgarians in order to raise them to a new, higher level! Because of all this, it would be very good to celebrate Ignazhden this year, according to the tradition of origin. In many places, not much information can be found about it. And there's plenty of time to get more people into the idea!

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