Paulownia tomentosa
Paulownia tomentosa

Млади фиданки на дървото Пауловния

Освен във вид на семена предлагаме и възможност за закупуване на биоурна с млада фиданка готова за засаждане.


Paulownia or the tree or Imeratora tree is our third proposal for planting biodegradable urn containing the ashes of the deceased.

This is one of the fastest growing trees . It can grow up to four meters on the first year after planting under good conditions! As a mature tree it reaches 15-20 meters. The diameter of the trunk can reach 1.2 m. It can be successfully grown both in plains and hilly or mountainous areas. Practically everything out of Paulownia tree can be used. The trunk is used for wood and leaves and flowers have their practical use.
Because of the exquisite appearance, the tree is suitable for decorating parks, backyards and gardens.

Beautiful colors and honey. The honey of paulownia is far superior than the common Acacia. It is considered especially helpful for lung, digestive system and upper respiratory tract problems. The flower, pollen and leaves contain a high content of protein, which is the basis for strengthening and lengthening muscles activity. It increases the duration of the life of bees when their work is doubled during the hard nonstop summer campaign! Families grow stronger, the bees become larger . During flowering accumulates large amounts of pollen. Honey is light and full of flavor.

The leaves of this tree species are also very valuable. They reach up to 75 cm. in diameter and are the best "oxygen plants". They absorb very large amounts of carbon dioxide and release large amounts of oxygen, thereby purify hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of air. Paulownia absorb 10 times more carbon dioxide than any other tree species. It turns into green fields uncultivated lands and areas. It is used for reclamation of wastelands and affected by industrialization areas. Also, for strengthening the shores of rivers, erosion control, etc.