Koelreuteria paniculata

BIO URN WITH koelreuteria paniculatathe

 is another proposal for a tree seed that can be planted with our biodegradable urn. By choosing koelreuteria paniculatathe memory of the lost one will be preserved for generations.

Koelreuteria paniculata is a common decorative tree, well known throughout the country. It is common to be seen in many places such as parks, along roads, forest tree belts in Dobrudza region and many other places. The tree pollens are excellent ingredient for honey. 
In China, its colors are used to make yellow dye and are used in traditional medicine. The tree is usually plated in burial grounds where scholars are rested. 

The tree is elegant deciduous, highly branched tree with irregular loose crown with attractive pinnate leaves and yellow petals followed by a bulging fruit. The leaves’ appearance is bright pink – red, when fully grown they turn green. During autumn the leaf color is yellow. The colors are light yellow, gathered in large clusters, long to 40-50 cm. The Chinese Bladder, as the tree is commonly called, bloom in June-July and is strongly nectariferous, emits a large amount of nectar and pollen. The fruit is oval, long 3-5 sm egg-shaped box-like that resembles bladder. The fruit is initially green, then yellow -green, and finally brown and stays attached to the tree throughout the fall. The seeds are hard, black and spherical. 
This drought-resistant tree originating from China , is grown for its abundant flowering in summer and beautiful Chinese paper lantern-like, fruit. The fruits of some trees are colored bright red instead of brown, which makes them also very attractive.