Catalpa ovata

фиданки каталпа овата

Млади фиданки каталпа овата

Освен във вид на семена предлагаме и възможност за закупуване на биоурна с млада фиданка готова за засаждане.

Bio urn with Catalpa ovata

Catalpa ovata is one proposal for a tree seed that can be planted with our biodegradable urn. By choosing Catalpa ovata the memory of the lost one will be preserved for generations.

Wonderful tree with a pyramidal crown and large heart-shaped leaves. In the spring it blooms with beautiful white flowers . Its rapid growth, makes Catalpa excellent choice if you need shade in the yard and garden.

Catalpa tree is very beautiful. Its high is 5 to 30 m, with a beautiful crown which attracts glances from early spring to late autumn. Its leaves are large, light green, heart-shaped. The large heart-shaped leaves of the catalpa is what makes the tree distinguishable from the total mass of trees throughout the season. The plant blooms almost 3-4 weeks after mid -June. During the period of flowering catalpa is covered with large white or cream color with aromas of apple. When overblown the flowers become long up to of 40 cm. pods. The pods wiht which the tree is decorated gives Catalpa ovata have a very exotic appearance throughout the whole year. Catalpa ovata is strong and durable tree that is not affected by cold weather or polluted air. The tree enjoys sunlight and moisty, watered soil.
For optimal growth it is better to plant the tree 4-5 meters away from your house, fence or other tree. It is recommended to protect the tree from strong winds because it might affect the big and gentle leaves. Suitable places for planting the tree are usually sheltered and low places in the garden so the tree is not exposed to direct strong winds.

Unlike most other trees durin autumn the leaves of the catalpa hardly turn yellow and only fall off when temperatures fall below freezing.
It is important to know that catalpa blossoms usually the after 5 - th year of planting and only when it reaches a height of three meters.