The date of birth shows what tree you are

Celtic Astrology

See what tree you are and what it says to you by date of birth:

Abies (mysterious) January 2 - January 11; July 5 - July 14

With an exceptional taste for everything, exalted and with a sense of dignity, they love everything beautiful, capricious, stubborn, selfish, but care for those who are close to them, modest, very ambitious, talented, hardworking, excellent lovers and partners in life, good friends, but with many enemies; people that can be relied on.

Ulmus (Nobility, Loneliness) 12 January - 24 January; July 15 - July 25

People with pleasant appearance, dress with taste, have modest wishes, do not forget and do not forgive the mistakes of others, cheerful and cheerful, love to lead, but not to obey; affectionate and faithful partners in life; have and give an opinion on all issues and like to make decisions instead of others; noble personalities; generous; with a good sense of humor; practical.

Cupressus (loyalty, devotion) January 25 - February 3; 26 July - 4 August

Strong, muscular, adaptable, accept life as it is, lucky, optimistic in need of material wealth and recognition, hate loneliness, passionate lovers, loyal partners, temperament, disobedient, meticulous and frivolous.

Populus (uncertainty, doubt) 4 February - 8 February; May 1 - May 14; 5 August - 13 August

They look very sophisticated; not confident in themselves, valiant only if necessary; they need a prestige and a pleasant environment, very picky; often lonely, hostile to other, artistic, good organizers, good speakers, who stand out in every situation, accept marital life very seriously.

Cedrus (Trust, Security) 9 February - 18 February; 14 August - 23 August

Very attractive people, know how to adapt, love luxury, enjoy good health, are not shy, self-confident, determined, impatient, want to impress others, hardworking, optimistic, waiting for their true love.

Pinus (pretense, rigor) 19 February - 28 February; 24 August - 2 September

They love nice company, they are very strong and healthy, they know how to make their lives comfortable, very active, natural, good company, but rare and good friends. Easily fall in love, but their passion quickly passes. They are often disappointed in seeking the ideal person who deserves their trust and love.

Weeping willow (melancholy) March 1 - March 10; 3 September - 12 September

Beautiful but very melancholy natures; attractive, sympathetic people, love everything beautiful and tasteful, love to travel, fantasies are, restless, capricious, honest, life is with tides (not easy to live with); have good intuition.

Tilia (hesitation, doubt) March 11 - March 20; September 13 - September 22

They accept life as it is; hate fight, stress and labor (they are lazy and love to idle); soft-hearted natures are, but are very good friends, talented individuals but not stubborn enough to develop; often cry or complain to others; very jealous and loyal partners.

Oak (strong nature, strength) March 21st

Brave, strong, stubborn, independent, sensitive, do not like change, feet are firmly on the ground.

Hazelnut (wonder, landmark) March 22 - March 31; 24 September - 3 October

Charming, able to understand others; know how to make an impression, active defenders of social causes, they are often a celebrities, capricious and fickle lovers, but honest and tolerant partner in the business, defenders of righteousness and justice.

Sorbus aucuparia (sensitivity) April 1 - April 10; 4 October - 13 October

Fascinating people, cheerful, talented, not selfish like to attract attention, love life, movement, tension and complex situations, both dependent and independent, have good taste, emotional, passionate, very good company and easily forgive.

Acer (Independence) April 11 - April 20; October 14 - October 23

Extraordinary personalities, full of imagination and originality; ambitious, proud and arrogant, respect only themselves, thirsty for adventures, sometimes nervous; complexes; with good memory, easy to learn; with a confused love life.

Walnut (passion) April 21 - April 30; 24 October - 11 November

Unforgiving, strange and full of contrasts, often selfish, aggressive, noble, unexpected, spontaneous, with unlimited ambition, are not flexible, difficult and unusual colleagues; ingenious strategists, very jealous and passionate, never make compromises.

Chestnut (honesty, truthfulness) 15 May - 24 May; 12 November - 21 November

They are unusually beautiful, but do not like to make an impression, defenders of uprightness and law, vibrant, curious, born diplomats, but irritable and sensitive in company; often lacking self-confidence; sometimes watch over the others; they feel they are misunderstood by others, they only love once, encounter difficulties in finding a companion in their lives.

Fraxinus (ambition) May 25 - June 3; 22 November - 1 December.

Extremely attractive, vibrant, impulsive, constantly searching, are not impressed by the critics of the surrounding, ambitious, intellectual, talented, happy with their destiny, sometimes selfish, resilient; people who can be relied on, faithful and cautious partners in life, in most cases rely on reason rather than on feelings; serious partners in business.

Hornbeam (good taste) June 4 - June 13; 2 December - 11 December

With sophisticated beauty, concerned about how they look, with good taste, egoists, lay their lives in the most convenient way; rely on their minds; disciplined; noble and always courteous, dreaming of extraordinary lovers or partners and rarely satisfied with their choice of partner, most of them disbelieving; they are never confident about what they are doing, but they are very conscientious.

Смокиня (чувствителност) 14 юни - 23 юни; 12 декември - 21 декември

Very strong, independent, can not be contradicted, they love their lives, their family and their children, they love the animals; with a sense of humor, love idleness and laziness; like to prove their talents and intelligence.

Betula (inspiration) June 24th

Vital, attractive, communicative, unhurried, modest, do not like surplus, love life in nature and quiet, are not very passionate, rich imagination, not very ambitious, creating a quiet and pleasant atmosphere.

Apple (Love) June 25 - July 4; 23 December - 1 January

Very fascinating, attractive, with a pleasant halo, neat, adventurous, sensitive, always in love with someone or something, want to love and be loved, loyal and tender partners, very generous, talented, carefree, with a lot of imagination.

Olive (wisdom, insight) September 23

They love the sun, warmth and good feelings. Sensible, balanced, avoided aggression and violence, tolerant, serene and calm. Sensitive and always looking for justice. They love to read books and to be in the company of sophisticated and secular people.

Fagus (Creativity) December 22

They have a good taste, they are concerned about what they look like, materialists, they organize their lives and careers, they are sparing, good leaders / managers, enterprising, reasonable, splendid partners in life, etc.).

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