The planet lives on ecological credit form 02.2017

From August 2, 2017, we live on ecological credit, warns WWF, the international nature conservation organization. For seven months, mankind has spent more natural resources than the planet is able to resume and provide for a year. The analysis is done annually by Fuutprint Network, the organization that measure the footprint of mankind on the planet, and shows that the day of the overrun (overshoot day) occurs earlier and earlier. For the past 2016, this is August 8th. This means that people are using more and more environmental resources and services - forests, water, fish stocks that nature can only partially recover. At the current rate of consumption, we need 1.7 planets to satisfy our consumption.
The calculation of the date also takes into account the absorption of greenhouse gases produced by human activities from the beginning of the year by forests and oceans. After the "day of the overrun", forests and oceans have no more capacity to absorb carbon dioxide emitted by man. This leads to increased ocean acidification, agricultural land and forests are running out faster, says Pierre Cane, head of the Climate, Energy and Sustainable Cities Program at WWF, France, to "Figaro".

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