We are innovative company and our focus is on products that change traditional point of view. Based in Sofia, Bulgaria we successfully gained a PATENT FOR AN INVENTION issued by PATENT OFFICE OF REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA for our Biodegradable Cremation Urn ©. Our product decompose easily when planted.

Our mission is to present a completely new way in funeral process. We believe that when using our biodegradable cremation urn, it is much easier to go through grieving process if we have a chance to show love and take care after life. By choosing our Biodegradable Cremation Urn © life never ends just changes its form.

There is one thing that is certain in this world and that is sooner or later we will go away. No one knows when that time will come and no one is prepared for it. However, we have the freedom to decide what happens to us when we are no longer in this world.

If you have a chance, would you like to leave a long lasting symbol of yourself? Would you like to become a tree which grows and lasts for generations? Would you like to be remembered forever in a really beautiful way? Do you have a favorite tree?

For a first time in Bulgaria we present environmentally friendly biodegradable urn through which both endings and beginnings meet. Our product is unique for the Bulgaria and offers an alternative to the familiar burial process. Made entirely of environmentally friendly materials our urns naturally degrade completely from few months up to a year. The decomposition process is directly related to the amount of water in the soil, where the urn will be placed. You can plant the urn with the s seed of your choice at home and watch it grow. You can find suitable place in the garden, where you can to enjoy the shade from the grown tree. Or you can always plant the urn at the deсired favorite place in the mountains.

We've all heard of the old trees without names and without memory, just trees - beautiful and majestic.

Would you like to be part of this beauty ...... ..

Would you give it a name .............